Luxury Hotels in Phuket

Holidaying in Phuket has changed a lot since we first went there eight years ago - it's a lot busier, more touristy, and value for money can be harder to find - the one thing that has gotten better and better is the variety of luxury hotels and resorts on offer. I, therefore, thought it was only logical to do some research and find some good luxury hotels in Phuket and select the best among them for our stay. We decided to spend our holiday at Ansino Bukit, and I could not be happier that we made this decision.

The reason I liked this hotel the best is because it perfectly combines two things my kind of travel is now all about; stylish luxury and family fun. It's incredibly family-friendly, and yet that doesn't take away from either the style or luxury on offer. It's also a very secluded and peaceful resort so you really feel you get away from it all when you're there, which as a young family was greatly helped by the presence of a fantastic kids club as well.

I felt incredibly relaxed while I was there and very sad to leave, which is the best evidence that I love this modern luxury resort. It was incredibly comfortable and we loved watching the sunsets from our balcony. That's one thing you really can't fault Phuket for. If you are on that west side of the island; the sunsets are amazing.

The hotel’s location is quite convenient. It is easy to get from the airport. Again the sunsets were a sight worth watching and I remember the Thai food being really fantastic there. Unlike so many other hotels in Thailand, its design is quite modern.

It is the perfect place for anyone and everyone seeking a luxury getaway including families and couples) as it is a big resort so you never feel too crowded and there are activities for everyone. They offer pools for adults and for families. The hotel also has a variety of restaurants to suit every taste and you are close enough to a stretch of lovely beach restaurants and bars. The nice thing about the area - while there is always something to do, you can find big stretches of beach all to yourself and you are far enough away from the infamous Phuket party areas.

One thing that is a must-do when staying at this hotel is a visit to their beautiful Spa which I believe is one of the best in Thailand. The spa offers a plenty of health treatments as well.

All of their rooms are stylishly decorated with some very nice details that gives you a feeling of luxury in the jungle. Especially the bathrooms were unique and gave a rustic feeling with a nice touch of glam, and again, more than enough of comfort and luxury! The staff was lovely and the service was impeccable!

So if you’re looking to relax in absolute luxury on your vacation in Phuket, make sure you stay at the Ansino Bukit. It’s one of the best luxury beachfront hotels on Phuket Island and is just simply stunning, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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